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The Web Master's Story

For as long as I can remember I was a cat lover all my years but when my wife Lenie introduced me to bull terriers, I was hooked and will be so forever.

On our way for a weekend break in Sutherland, we passed Panomar Bull Terriers on the farm Kapgat. When the time was right my wife asked me if I will be OK to have a bull terrier as a pet.

At first I was skeptical because of the cats George and Nelson, but after visiting Marianne on the farm to pick our first baby from the litter I was hooked.

Sadly, at eight months Tessa died of a scorpion sting. To overcome the grief, we contacted Marianne and with the next litter, we chose Eewa and after four more years Alex and this is how we befriended Marianne and visit the “bull terrier farm” regular during the year or whenever a new litter arrives.


My wife and I are very fortunate to befriend Marianne. With a new litter in 2016 , we went to visit Marianne on the farm over a “long” weekend to help and give her a bit of breathing space – raising two litters (nine in all) four weeks apart was no mean feat. Although the baby room is adequately equipped, it is still crunch time 24/7 in the beginning, feeding time every four hours, cleaning more than once a day and the list of caring bull terrier babies is endless. Lenie helped for a couple of days while I revamp the website with new content and photos.

I cannot describe the passion that went into rearing bull terriers at Panomar Bull Terriers. The only words I have,

“it is pure pleasure to interact with all the bull terriers during the day

The bullies running in pairs have free roaming of the homestead for about two hours every day.  The last “roamer” of the day is for a while Marianne’s favorite and King of the House at bedtime, sleeping in the house; Klaas, Dokkie, Goliat…

Be sure to book your next baby with Marianne. You will not be disappointed.


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